Universal Trust Agreement
AB Living Trust Revocable / Irrevocable
Adapts to numerous future events and scenarios !
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 .htm Sample
"Filled-in" samples (ready to use, fill in the form, examples) of the
Universal Trust Agreement ( Declaration of Trust ) 
( Adapts to numerous future events and scenarios ! )
     check box:  |_| Trust G, for a revocable AB living trust;
          .doc sample filled-in for Husband and Wife
          .htm sample filled-in for Husband and Wife ** 
     check box:  |_| Trust E, for an irrevocable trust;
          .doc sample filled-in for a male Grantor
          .doc sample filled-in for a female Grantor
The only difference in the samples above is the way the blanks are filled-in.
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to "fill in the blanks", update as desired, print, and sign & notarize 2 originals. )
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Universal Trust Agreement ( Declaration of Trust )
( Adapts to numerous future events and scenarios ! )
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Insights into this Trust Agreement
Almost all of the good points of Quicken WillMaker Plus 2008 AB Living Trust,
and several other trusts over the years, have been incorporated into this trust.
However, once assets are in a trust, the goal is generally to leave them there.
Hence, this trust is structured with flexibility for the long haul,
while still retaining quick distribution and dissolution options.
Since each revocable trust ultimately becomes irrevocable (at death),
this trust includes the option of being irrevocable from its beginning (check box for: Trust E).
This trust adapts to numerous future events and scenarios.  Consequently, it is longer than most trusts,
because of all the adaptive wording (about 40 pages, including schedules).
Additional Assistance  ( WillMaker )
For help in understanding, and for additional forms related to, revocable AB Living Trusts, consider purchasing:
Quicken WillMaker Plus 2008 Edition: Estate Planning Essentials (Book with CD-ROM) (Paperback)
(This book CD-ROM combo *DOES* include the full version of Quicken WillMaker Plus 2008.
This book CD-ROM bundle is both cheaper ($31.49) and more helpful.)                  Available from:
http://www.amazon.com (then, search for "Quicken WillMaker Plus 2008 Essentials", then click on book icon)
As an additional step, run out an AB trust using WillMaker, and compare it with this trust.
( Of course, WillMaker has no option to create an irrevocable trust. )
WillMaker is primarily a trust substitute for a will, whereas, this trust gives the trustees the option, and flexibility, to continue this trust for their descendants' lifetimes, and possibly longer (see Part 22 A.  Termination Unanimous).
This additional step will also enable you to pick up on any state specific clauses that you may want to include in this trust  (see word of caution on Trust Primer page), or at least be aware of.
Registering the Trust   (Note:  Not normally a good idea.)
Some states (Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and North Dakota) have laws requiring that you register your living trust document with the local court.  But there are no legal consequences or penalties if you don't.  (Note:  Trusts are supposed to be kept private.)
This Trust should work (no guarantees) in all states (except Louisiana, where the estate planning documents created by most software won't be legal due to that state's specific drafting requirements).
Please note that this website is not a law firm, does not act as your attorney, and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.  Rather, it helps you represent yourself in your own legal matters, by providing samples of forms and documents others have used.  Use any forms and documents such as these at your own risk.  No one assumes any liability for damages, or consequential damages.
Read this trust through to make sure you are comfortable with what it says, and the approaches it takes.
If you seek representation, are involved in litigation or have complex legal issues that cannot be resolved on your own, you may want to consider other alternatives, including consulting an attorney.  Only you can tell whether or not a form or document is right for you, given your circumstances.  If you want advice geared to your specific situation, consult an expert.  No general legal form or document is a substitute for personalized advice from a knowledgeable lawyer licensed to practice law in your state.
This website contains the ideas and opinions of the author.  This website does not contain specific investment, legal, tax or any other form of professional advice.  If specific advice is needed, it should be sought from an appropriate professional.  Any liability, responsibility or warranty for the results of the application of principles contained in the website, insights, hints, sample forms and documents, either directly or indirectly, are expressly disclaimed by the author.
Inputs:  If you find phrases, and/or paragraphs that you feel better describe or illustrate certain trust details,
or should be included in this trust agreement, please forward them to:  trust-inputs@AbesAlerts.com
Trust Updated  Mar. 10, 2008 ( revision "-i" )
This Page Updated  Mar. 10, 2008
Universal Trust Agreement
AB Living Trust Revocable / Irrevocable
Adapts to numerous future events and scenarios !
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 .htm Sample